Questions and Answers
To better serve you we have assembled a list of questions and answers that we hope will help you learn more about cremation and our service.  If your question isn't answered here, please email or call us and we will be more than happy to answer it for you. 

Question: What is cremation?

Answer: Simply stated, cremation is an alternative to traditional burial.  Through the use of intense heat, a human body is reduced to bone fragments.  These bone fragments are then reduced in size and are placed in an urn or other container.  On average, 5 to 6 pounds of remains are left after the cremation process is complete.  Due to the fact that the "ahes" are the remnants of the skeletal structure, the amount left after the cremation process depends on the size of the individual. 

Q: Does a body have to be embalmed prior to cremation?

A: Not necessarily.  If a family chooses to have a funeral or visitation prior to cremation, the body will need to be embalmed and prepared in the normal fashion.  If the cremation is to be performed prior to any services, then embalming is not necessary.  At our facility we have refrigeration available to hold bodies awaiting cremation.  This allows time for the necessary paperwork to be completed and authorizations procured without the risk of further deterioration of an un-embalmed body.

Q:  Do we have to purchase a casket for cremation?

A:  Illinois State laws require a body to be placed in a rigid container for the cremation process.  The containers available range from specially designed cremation caskets to simple corrugated containers.  We are proud to offer a full line of cremation containers in many styles and prices.

Q: Is cremation less expensive that a regular funeral?

A: Cremation can be a less expensive option depending on the choices a family makes.  With the choice of cremation comes many different options in services and merchandise.  Some families choose to have a traditional visitation and funeral with the body present followed by cremation services while other families may choose to have only a simple cremation with no services.  Some families may choose to have the urn holding their loved ones remains placed in a traditional grave space while others may choose to scatter those ashes on a location special to that person.  The options are virtually endless, and we are proud to offer a service that meets the wishes of your family.

Q: Do you handle the cremation of pets?

A: Yes, we are proud to offer a dignified cremation services to help in the loss of your family pet.  More and more families nationwide are turning to pet cremation for their pets.  Our family pets hold a special place in our hearts and their loss can be very difficult.  We are here to assist your family through the loss of a pet just as we do for your loved ones.  We are also proud to offer a compete line of pet urns, burial markers, and pet loss products to help you keep the memory of your faithful companion alive. 

Q: Are humans and animals cremated in the same unit?

A: No.  At McClure Cremation Services we offer separate facilities for pet cremation and standard cremation services.  Both units are the most modern cremation units available and utilize the same technology.  The only difference between the units is the size.  The cremation unit we use for pets is slightly smaller in size from the unit used for humans.  At no time is the human unit ever used for pet cremation or visa versa. 

Q: Can cremation services be pre-planned?

A: Yes.  We have already had many families choose to pre arrange cremation services with us.  Along with McClure Funeral Home we are a true full service funeral service provider.  We will gladly meet with you and your family and discuss the benifits of pre arranging your cremation or funeral service.  Depending on your age, you can actually save money by pre paying for a funeral or cremation service. Contact us today to get more information.

Q:  Can I witness the cremation of my family member?

A: Yes, Our facilities allow for families who chose to do so, to watch as the cremation container is being placed into the cremation unit.  While this option isn't for everyone, some families find comfort in being able to accompany their loved one through the final services.

Q:  We would like to learn more about cremation, is the facility open for tours?

A: Yes. We are always more than happy to show our facilities to any individual or group.  We understand that many people have questions about cremation and funeral services and we are always available to help answer them.  If you our your group is interested in a tour please contact us to schedule a time.  Due to privacy and safety concerns, all tour are given when no cremation is taking place. 

More questions coming soon!  If you have questions you would like so see included here, please click on the Contact Us tab.