Pets can become as much a part of our family as anyone can. Saying goodbye to our faithful companions can be very difficult to do. We are proud to be able to offer a dignified way to say goodbye to your pet. Nation wide, pet cremation is becoming more and more popular among animal lovers.
McClure Cremation Services offers complete pet loss care through the use of our cremation equipment dedicated to taking care of pets.  We are proud to work with the local veterinary community to assist families in their time of loss.  At McClure Cremation Services we understand the importance of the work of service animals.  We gladly offer special rates for private cremation of Police dogs, Search and Rescue dogs, seeing eye dogs, or any other documented service animals.
We are also proud to offer a complete line of pet loss merchandise including urns, yard markers, jewelry, and many other items.

Below is a complete list of services we provide for pets.

 Private Cremation Fee

This service includes transfer of pet from local veterinary office, private cremation, preparation of cremated remains, a temporary urn, and a certificate of private cremation.



Category 1   (0-10 pounds)     $95

Category 2   (11-30 pounds) $145

Category 3   (31-60 pounds) $185

Category 4   (61-99 pounds)  $225

Category 5   (100 pounds and over)  $285*

            * Category 5 also has a $2 per pound fee for weight above 100lbs 


Pets may be brought to McClure Cremation Services Monday through Friday


Transfers from local veterinarian office will be provided at no extra charge during normal hours of operation.

Arrangements may be made to pick up your pet at your residence. We will respond within a two-hour time period, Monday through Friday

*We are not able to provide an after hours transfer service.